Client Testimonials

Our clients agree that we are different


“There comes a moment in your life where you just realize you need to do more and do better. There comes a moment when you are ready to put in the work and endure all that comes with it because THIS just can’t be it. I was tired of not feeling good in my skin. I had been working with a nutrition coach and positive opportunities led her a different way. I was familiar with tracking my food and going to the gym. I needed more. AT came along in that right place right time moment via Facebook. The amount of support and information was beyond what I anticipated. With each passing check-in, I wanted more. What can I do this week? What can I try this month? Two years, nearly thirty pounds, and a few inches later, I am happy in my skin and a better version of myself. I see and feel the difference. Since AT, jean shopping isn’t daunting anymore. Since AT, the anxiety at a social gathering is manageable. Since AT, I understand emotions don’t have to dictate what I eat. I don’t have to be who I’ve been the last twenty years. You don’t always have to log a good day. What’s good isn’t always bad. If you want coaches who will help you start where you are, AT is for you. If you want coaches that will help lead you even though you’ve tried everything, failed, and feel hopeless, AT is for you. The time commitment and price are very reasonable. AT is flexible in that you cook your own food, learn how/what to eat, still eat foods you love, and are never told what you have to eat. After all, you are worth it! “


“Choosing to improve my nutrition seemed like it would be overwhelming, but the Adaptive Transformations Team made it easy. With daily updates to keep me motivated, and one on one advice that gave actual solutions for real obstacles, I always felt like I had the tools I needed to be successful. Instead of feeling restricted, I was exposed to new foods and recipes that I would have never considered before. Losing weight was just a side benefit to my actual goal of improving my overall nutrition and performance in the gym. As the weight peeled away week after week, my performance in the gym improved drastically. I have never felt better in my life and continue to benefit from my new knowledge even after finishing the program.“


“I had the opportunity of being coached by Erik for the six months leading up to my wedding. While I had already been somewhat well-verses in nutrition and healthy eating overall, I was looking for guidance on body recomposition: gaining muscle and losing fat. All of Erik’s clients said wonderful things about his approach and I decided to give it a try. I approached Erik with the abrupt goal of ‘having abs by my wedding day.’ While Erik did help me meet my original goal of improving my physique, he did so much more than just that. He helped me put together a plan that fit my lifestyle, supported me, and most importantly, improved my relationship with food. After meeting my goal of ‘having abs’ (which sounds obscure as it is) he also then helped me begin to slowly gain back weight in a healthy way to improve my strength back with reverse dieting. Erik is a great coach no matter where you are in your journey and approaches his clients in the most thoughtful and empathetic way.“