March 30, 2020

A lot of people are curious as to what they can do to boost their immune system amidst the fear surrounding COVID-19 and the possibility of contracting the virus. Unfortunately, there are those seeking to profit from the hysteria and increased willingness for the general public to buy products claiming to increasing immunity.

March 20, 2020

A large percentage of those who reach out to me are seeking weight loss, and more specifically fat loss. One thing that I consider, that may not be commonly factored into the approach of other coaches or template plans, is if the person is ready for a weight loss phase. Of consideration is current psychological and physical state. The most common issue of a potential client that would exclude them from being ready is having a history of chronic dieting. I will use this write-up to dive into that scenario to help you decide if perhaps a weight loss phase is the last thing you need to be seeking at this moment.

February 27, 2020

This note is a rework of a posting I made a couple years back to a local gym page. It covers mindset and dealing with injury /setbacks in training.

I have noticed many posting about, or referencing working back from, various injuries and physical ailments. I can sympathize with each of you and have unfortunately had many past injuries that I have dealt with and learned to live with in some cases. These struggles have given me a point of reference to reflect on my own approach to continued physical improvement, and what it takes to optimize quality of life in relation to fitness as the years go on. I felt I would share what I’ve learned in hopes you can garner something from my thoughts on this subject.

February 6, 2020

Many are familiar with the concept of periodization as it applies to training. For example, you cannot always be pushing heavier weights, there needs to be phases (micro cycles) where you emphasize hypertrophy, deloads, and using other methodologies to ensure progression and to reduce the chance that of your body adapting to the training stimulus. This concept of adapting is most often noted by those that favor metabolic (cardio) based conditioning. Over time the body will become more efficient at running on the treadmill. As efficiency is gained, the net caloric loss or energy expenditure is reduced. This adaptation can stall fat loss if not taken into consideration.

January 20, 2020


If addressed, it can tip the scales in your favor and keep goals within reach. Without it, life can be even more complicated and even the smallest of goals can seem miles away. It is not by coincidence that planning, and more specifically meal prep, is a recommended habit to employ for achieving your health and fitness goals through nutrition. And while all the hype you have heard around meal preparation applies; saving money, time, and shortening the timeline to reach nutrition goals … many struggle with knowing where to begin.