August 20, 2020

Those familiar with John Berardi and/or Precision Nutrition may be aware of the “pause button” mentality to health and fitness. To summarize, it is the misconception that wellness can be put on hold when life or a plan become difficult. This is not to say that your approach may not need to be modified from time to time, but rather to not step into the pitfall of believing you can continuously make health secondary to the ever-changing circumstances of life without negative consequences.

February 6, 2020

Many are familiar with the concept of periodization as it applies to training. For example, you cannot always be pushing heavier weights, there needs to be phases (micro cycles) where you emphasize hypertrophy, deloads, and using other methodologies to ensure progression and to reduce the chance that of your body adapting to the training stimulus. This concept of adapting is most often noted by those that favor metabolic (cardio) based conditioning. Over time the body will become more efficient at running on the treadmill. As efficiency is gained, the net caloric loss or energy expenditure is reduced. This adaptation can stall fat loss if not taken into consideration.

September 19, 2019

Disclaimer: The poor state of health in children, and the ever-increasing early onset of metabolic syndromes and obesity needs to be addressed. This is truly something that breaks my heart daily when I see those impacted by it and knowing not only how it will play a role now, but later in their lives. I know that as parents we are extremely sensitive to being directed on how to handle our children. Please know that the following note outlines my opinion on the matter and truly comes from the heart.

July 20, 2019

What is better for weight loss (considering time / efficiency)? Cardio or Weight Training

If time is a consideration, your best bet is cardiovascular activity. This has been backed up by studies in MASS and the Journal of Applied Physiology (see below). Keep in mind though, when doing these studies individuals are being put through a basic, lower intensity / volume of training. In general, these were beginner level trainees. As such they are not going to be burning nearly as many calories when compared to an equal amount of time performing cardio.