July 31, 20200

Many have led themselves to believe that they can only begin doing something after being motivated to get started. Moreover, that motivation only appears after we become inspired by something. For example, being inspired by the transformation of a friend or family member who had success with weight loss.


July 10, 20200

The truth is anyone can be a fitness / nutrition coach on social media or through paying a fee to sign on with an MLM based company. I’m not clueless to the notion that there is a high volume of other people online who do what I do, so I’ve invested thousands of dollars, time, and research into learning about what the current evidence based studies reveal along with seeking updated certification and credentials. This approach, paired with years of hands on experience, are what allow Adaptive to be successful at long-term fat loss and performance improvement.


July 2, 20200

I feel like women, and moms in particular are being fed this idea that perfect balance is the goal. If you can just have the exact amount of effort put into your family, friends, taking care of others, taking care of yourself, there will eventually come a point where you’ve got it all figured out perfectly


June 27, 20200

You might be familiar with the saying “You need to become comfortable…with being uncomfortable.” The concept behind this is that for growth or improvement to occur one must be willing to go outside of their comfort zone. An analogy to illustrate this would be how most feel when that alarm goes off first thing in the morning. The bed, or comfort zone, is a rather enticing option and a much easier choice would be to go back to sleep over getting out of bed and beginning daily tasks.


May 17, 20200

Nutrition Coaching should never have a time limit on it, or goal achievement for that matter. And while time-restricted challenges or programs may deliver some value in a short amount of time (serve as a spark for a longer commitment), as humans we need on-going support and accountability to lock in habit change. Trust me, I wish it was as easy as working out and eating better for a month to land exactly where you want to be. Unfortunately, that simply is not the way it works if your desire is to create lasting progress and avoid the dreaded yo-yo cycle.