Sweat & Blood

September 12, 20210

Preparation plays a key role in so many endeavors in life, and most certainly has a place regarding your health and wellness.

One of my favorite quotes by Sun Tzu speaks volumes to how we should go about our everyday lives.

Sweat more during peace; bleed less during war

In other words, if we put in the effort when things are going well it will help ensure our success during the pitfalls of life and if nothing else we will be better prepared to endure hardship.  I am a big fan of preparation and have seen firsthand how it correlates to success for myself and the many clients I have worked with.  If we have a relentless focus and pursuit of our goals during the times that are ideal, we will have more flexibility to step off the gas and deal with difficulties as they surface.  Just as iron sharpens iron, we will build up our resilience.

This approach directly relates to when I have clients in maintenance or lean mass phases.  It is during this nutritional season that we focus on consistent gym attendance and output (effort) seeking progressive improvements.  On the flip side, when in a deficit (which is a stressor on the body) we back off a bit on the intensity.

Do yourself a favor and take full advantage of the seasons of life and when conditions are ideal.  In the end you will be glad you did.

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