People Before Profit

November 17, 20200

Far too often success is defined by the things we have rather than by the people we have become in this world. Instead of measuring our progress by how many lives we are influencing; we gauge it by how much money we are making and the accolades of achievement and higher status. I have often battled with the concept of my legacy and the impact I am having on my friends and loved ones. Furthermore, what impression will I leave on clients and coaches that I interact with through my business? To me, the positive example I model (or strive to) is far more important than any amount of monetary gain.

Let me preface that being financially successful in what you do is not a bad thing. In fact, it may be of necessity if it is your primary means of providing for your family. My situation affords me the privilege of running my company as I see fit, even if that entails operating at a loss to guarantee my main goal of enriching the lives of others is met.

My primary focus as a coach is on the difference I am making as a leader. This has been referred to as the “ripple effect” or how you impact your environment like a rock being tossed into a pond. Contribution is the ultimate purpose of work and life in general. Serving others is the highest calling, therefore success is not about what you receive, but about what you return.

These thoughts, and ultimately this post, were the product of my internalization of a quote made by Mike Hall from Rust Valley Restorers –

People before profit

If you are unfamiliar with the Netflix series, Mike owns a business in Canada restoring a myriad of classic cars and vehicles. He is the epitome of a man whom would give you the shirt off his own back. He has a high degree of expectation in the quality of work that is provided to his customers, and almost to a fault as he will absorb any additional costs to ensure projects are done on time and correct.

That statement is one that resonates with me and has manifested in my approach to life and business. My job as a coach, if done correctly, is to coach myself out of a job. I aim to educate and prepare clients to the point that they are fully self-sufficient and no longer require me. It has been my extreme pleasure to have numerous clients go on to start their own businesses, seek further training / certification and to have impact as coaches in the health and fitness arena. At the end of the day, that is all I ever wanted since starting Adaptive Transformations. To be a true change maker.


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