The Success Loop

July 31, 20200

Many have led themselves to believe that they can only begin doing something after being motivated to get started. Moreover, that motivation only appears after we become inspired by something. For example, being inspired by the transformation of a friend or family member who had success with weight loss.

The issue with motivation, though, isn’t that we aren’t motivated to make changes…

It’s that we start off believing that being motivated must happen first – before we can take action.

It’s so easy to get stuck waiting for the ideal moment or source of inspiration because you think that’s what you need to be successful.

It can feel hopeless when you factor in the mental aspect of change. Feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty can be enough to keep you from ever taking that first step. Even worse, we begin to accept the lies in our own mind and assume we are resigned to our fate and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

So, what can you do?

First, stop trying to work out how to get your motivation back. It doesn’t work that way. Simply begin by taking action, even when you do not want to do it or when it is difficult. Then you get results from the action taken. And from those results you gain motivation to take more action. This is what I like to call “The Success Loop.”

Your actions – no matter how small and insignificant they might feel – generate results, which then provides motivation to take the next action. It’s an endless loop of action, results, motivation, and more action.

Instead of spending your time focusing on the many ways you could fail, or how you have no idea what’s coming next, you start to realize that merely acting is what drives you and keeps you moving forward. Every step suddenly becomes a step in the right direction.

I challenge you to take that first step. As explained, no act is too small, but you must begin somewhere. Don’t let another day, week, or year go by without realizing your full potential.

– This is a revisit of a post I made many years ago when I first started coaching nutrition, but still just as applicable today

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