Finding Balance

July 2, 20200

I feel like women, and moms in particular are being fed this idea that perfect balance is the goal. If you can just have the exact amount of effort put into your family, friends, taking care of others, taking care of yourself, there will eventually come a point where you’ve got it all figured out perfectly

That being said, I don’t think there has ever been a season in my life where I felt “balanced”. For awhile I worked full time and was in school full time for a Masters degree…no balance there. Then, I stayed home with my littles…no balance there. Currently, I stay home and do nutrition coaching and coaching at a gym part time….no balance there either.

For me, if I expect myself to feel perfectly “balanced” every day, I’d be adding a TON of unnecessary pressure into my life.

Instead, I expect myself to live as close to fulfilling my purpose as humanely possible. I try to be a great wife, excellent mama and teacher, kind friend, and love others at all times. But if you think there aren’t times where that is way out of balance you’re wrong.

Sometimes I’m a crappy friend because I’m acting selfish, sometimes my wife game struggles bc I’m focused way more on being a mommy, sometimes I don’t get my workout in because I’m trying to do something to care for someone else.

What I’m trying to say is…your life is not a failure and isn’t broken if you don’t “feel” balanced. Especially if you are a Jesus follower, I would say strive for peace and understanding rather than balance. I don’t see anyone in the Bible who had life balanced. There was suffering, struggles, highs and lows. That sounds more like my life.I think aiming for balance is a great goal, just allow yourself grace when life happens and throws things out of whack…bc if you haven’t experienced that yet, you definitely will 😜

Jami Hanafin

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