Waiting may be part of the Problem

November 22, 20190

For many there really isn’t ever an ideal time to implement lifestyle changes focused on health, and specifically nutrition. There will always be an event, holiday, or simply the busyness of life that will present a challenge. With the holiday season upon us, I ask that you consider what your approach will be to improved health in 2020. That is if you, like so many others, will be trotting out the “new year, new me” mantra as we ring in 2020. Of consideration for the remainder of 2019 will be if you are setting up the future you for success or failure.

Bear with me a moment…. I’ll get to my point soon

I am a big proponent of “memories before macros” (got that from Coach Jami, not sure where she heard it). This means I encourage people to partake in family time, celebration, giving, and of course the food during the holidays. I do have an approach to being able to fully enjoy this time of year, while still staying true to nutrition goals. However, that is privileged information that I share with those whom I coach.

Ok, so back to the future you. It should come as no surprise that people gain the most weight during the holiday period than during any other time of year. This graph from a 2016 study illustrates weight increases in three different countries correlating with their respective holidays.


What are you getting at Coach Erik? This isn’t mind blowing information.

We need to be careful of our mindset and approach to the holidays. We cannot simply fall into the trap of slacking off the last month and half of 2019 assuming that in January we will be able to make up for the overindulgence parade. Unfortunately, many fall victim to the belief that once the holidays pass, they will be focused and ready to make the new year different.

What typically happens is we will start off the new year motivated and excited for change. We will consistently make it to the gym, pay attention to what we are eating, and might even string together 2 or 3 weeks of this before life happens (as it always does). And what tends to be the first thing to go? That fitness goal you were so emphatic about just a month ago. Plus, to add insult to injury you started out 2020 heavier than ever from approaching the last 4 weeks of 2019 with reckless abandon.

My point is this, do the future you a favor and realize these last weeks of the year are important to your success in the new year. Enjoy the holidays but do so in moderation. It truly can make all the difference in setting yourself up for success, rather than failure. There’s a reason more people aren’t walking around with enviable physiques. It’s hard work. But, with a little planning, some dedication, and a customized strategy, you can reach your fat loss goal. Real, lasting results are right there, if you’re willing to do the work. That all begins with a focus on the present, not a “wait until tomorrow” mindset.

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