Self-Limiting Beliefs

November 10, 20190

Admittedly, I am behind on newly released movies for 2019, including those I watch with my children. Among these was Toy Story 4 and our family watched it together last week. As with many of these films, there are usually underlying themes that have application to real world problems. TS4 was no exception to this rule and provided one of these “life lessons” through the introduction of a character known as “Forky.”

Forky, like Buzz before him, is struggling with the idea of being a toy, however his hang up is not due to a belief of being an action hero, but because he sees himself as trash…literally. For those whom have not seen this movie (I apologize for the spoiler), it is essential to know that Forky is just that. A small piece of disposable cutlery.

Bonnie, the human child whom crafted Forky during kindergarten orientation day, sees him as much more than just a utensil. Sheriff Woody struggles with getting Forky to realize his self-worth and changed identity that have brought about a new purpose for him. To Bonnie, Forky is a toy and holds a high place of importance to her. This is far beyond his initial calling and belief that he is made to go into the trash after a single use. This depiction is rather humorous as the viewer watches the struggles Woody endures in keeping Forky from finding his way into the nearest trash receptacle.

Like Forky, our current form does not define our function. Our past, and even our present, do not define what we achieve or become in the future. Do not fall victim to self-limiting beliefs. You can achieve most anything you put your mind to. All too often I see those around me succumb to the power of limiting beliefs that prevent them from reaching their goals. And regarding health and fitness, there are plenty of these beliefs to choose from; genetics, age, time, finances, etc.

Make it your aim to be better than the previous day.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. ~ Lao Tzu

Instead of finding reasons that you can’t, tell yourself that you can and will succeed. Adopt a mindset that views hardship and failures as a learning process and stepping stone to get closer to your goals. Don’t let your lack of success stem from a lack of effort. The path won’t always be easy, and at times it will be uncomfortable. Just as in TS4 where Forky found comfort in a trash bin, we all too often accept mediocrity and far less than what we deserve in this life.

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