Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage

October 13, 20190

Many struggle with trigger foods and weekend blowouts that negate any progress made during the week. In fact, it can be a frustrating cycle that causes many to throw in the towel on your efforts for improved health.

In many cases the problem is related to either a flawed mindset, or belief that dietary measures are ‘all or nothing’. And at times it could be the philosophy of a specific dietary plan where you ban certain foods or label them as bad. As I often tell my clients, if I were to tell you that you can no longer have pizza (or insert your favorite food here) it is human nature that mysteriously you will begin to crave and desire that very thing.

If you don’t have a condition (health or allergen) to a specific food, there is no need to operate in a confined manner for food choices. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, and based on goals you may need to be a little more selective in what you consume, but overall it is more important to stay within the correct energy balance. Less calories in then out if the goal is fat loss, and more calories in then out if the desire is to build lean mass (yes this is a basic statement).


I follow the philosophy of moderation or including more indulgent / favorite foods that you enjoy and keeping from falling into binge eating or weekend blowouts. Simply plan for these foods in advance and make them fit into your overall plan. I feel it creates a healthier relationship with food and allows us to be more consistent and adherent overall. These are both keys to being successful with dietary habits.


Credit for graphic goes to @WHENHARRYMETSALAD on Instagram

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