Dietary Death Sentence

January 4, 20190

Most will agree that we eat as a means of enjoyment or for a sense of fulfillment. While food is so much more than that, in example as a part of bonding and sharing in life with others, we have to like what we are eating to adhere and be consistent with our dietary strategy of choice. Taking away the foods that we love can effect how we feel and impact our relationship with food negatively. As such, a base question I often ask those considering a new diet is this:

How long will this last before you finish and go back to what you used to eat?

Many people sign up for what I would deem as a dietary death sentence. This is to say they take on a means of eating that they cannot maintain for the long-term. The strategies are short-term, with a focus of how quickly they can get from point A to point B. The problem is not realizing or planning for what comes after point B. Most will ā€œCā€ all their results fade away and in some cases end up worse off.

With 2019 under way, and a rejuvenated vigor towards health and wellness, please do your best to avoid the allure of the quick fix. Be patient in your pursuit of better health. Whether this be in the gym, at home, or towards your nutrition. Expect to encounter some discomfort and setbacks along the way. These experiences will help better prepare you for the future and on the path of creating lasting habits towards improved health and fitness.

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