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Adaptive is focused on health, wellness, and personal development. We cover everything nutrition and beyond; with an emphasis on mindset, fitness, and behavior change. We started this company because of how nutrition and fitness has enriched our own lives for the better. It is our goal to provide our clients with the tools, habits and education necessary to optimize their quality of life.

We aren’t just focused on the numbers, but more importantly “how“ to stick to them!

Is Online Coaching Right For You?

It’s a Process… Change Takes Time

If you are looking for a coach to lay out a long-term progress plan, keep you accountable, stop you from second-guessing your decisions, and be there to tweak things to ensure you keep progressing towards your goals; then online coaching is worth consideration.



Our professional coaches

We use an evidence-based approach to deliver the results you desire

Owner and Head Coach

Erik Gallick

Nutrition Coach

Tanya Pearce









Our experience helps drive results

Unlock your potential with good nutrition

Change, or transformation, is required to achieve goals in life. There is often more than one way to approach change, and that will look a little different from person to person. We are unique individuals and what works for one person may not garner similar success in another. At Adaptive, we acknowledge that our coaching practices need to be adapted to the specific client. Further, we know that new studies and evidence-based information updates are a constant in the health and fitness arena. As such, we need to continue educating ourselves to ensure we are positioned to offer the best service to those whom with we work.

Look and feel different

We guide you to better health through:

Nutrition Strategies

No two plans are alike, each individual will be provided a customized approach to nutrition that is optimized for their goals.

Training Plans and Guidance

We are experienced and certified in multiple training methodologies. Proper nutrition combined with the correct type of training accelerates your ability to make positive change.

Find Your Balance

We seek to educate you along the way and utilize habit change strategies to ensure that progress made is sustainable for the long-term.


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